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Why live with us?

Incoming first-year students majoring in culinary food science, food science, nutritional science, pre-dietetics, and pre-diet and exercise are invited to apply and become part of the FSHN Learning Community. The yearlong residential learning community provides an opportunity for students with interests in food and nutrition-related careers to make meaningful connections both in and outside the classroom with their peers and departmental faculty. Students take several common courses during fall and spring semesters. Fall semester common courses include First-Year Composition, Library, and Biology. 

Living together in the same residence hall allows students to study together and extend their course-based learning. Students connect with upper-class peer mentors as well as department faculty during social and professional activities.


Eligibility Requirements

Culinary Food Science, Food Science, Nutritional Science, Pre-dietetics, and Pre-diet and Exercise
(First-year students in these majors within either college: College of Agriculture and Life Science AND College of Human Sciences. Admissions designators of CUFSA, CUFSH, FS A, FS H, NS A, NS H, P DTA, P DTH, PDEXA, PDEXH.)



Anne Oldham