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Honors housing provides students with a special experience – by fusing residence hall living with Honors learning, and it provides a stimulating intellectual and social atmosphere for you to enjoy.

The Freshman Honors Program introduces approximately 400 qualified freshmen to the concept of an honors education, gives them the opportunity to explore the University Honors Program as a possible means of achieving their academic goals, and acquaints them with the faculty, staff, and activities of the Honors Program. Students in the Freshman Honors Program may, if interested and qualified, apply for membership in their college honors program at the end of their freshman year. Students in the Freshman Honors Program have 24-hour a day access to the new Jischke Honors Building, complete with lounge, kitchen, and computer lab.

Honors students have a core set of courses intended to help build community. The core is comprised of three required courses: ENGL 105H: First-Year Composition for Honors Students, HON 121: Freshman Honors Seminar, and LIB 160: Library Instruction. Students may take other honors courses and seminars as well. During the spring semester, students may enroll in the Freshman Honors Mentor Program, an opportunity for freshmen to become involved with the concept of research and become active partners in the research process.


Eligibility Requirements

Open to all majors across all colleges.



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