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Why live with us?

The Psychology Freshman Learning Community is designed to provide an excellent learning opportunity and a successful transition to college life for first year psychology students.  It is a year-long experience that includes a weekly seminar, peer mentors, social activities, common enrollment in courses that meet degree requirements, and a residential option.  

Psych 112, the weekly one-hour seminar (which substitutes for Psych 111, the required orientation course), is a small enrollment class led by a faculty member who typically becomes students’ faculty advisor. Students learn about campus resources, develop an academic four-year plan, and are introduced to faculty and career paths in psychology. Students also explore a “Psychology in Action” theme through readings, discussion, and activities. In the spring, they deepen their theme-based knowledge with service learning in the community. Small learning community sections of English Composition (Eng 250) and Moral Theory and Practice (Phil 230) provide theme-based content for in-depth, multi-disciplinary discussions. Additionally, common enrollment in an Information Literacy (Lib 160) section ensures familiar faces in many first-year classes. 

Peer mentors, who are upper-level psychology majors, link students to resources within the department and across the ISU campus, provide academic support and facilitate social activities within the learning community. Students who choose the residential option live together on the same floor in Geoffroy, which makes it easy to organize study groups and informal get-togethers. Participation in the learning community enables students to realize the benefits of a small college experience while enjoying the excitement of attending a major university.

Eligibility Requirements

Open to freshmen majoring in psychology. The residential component may be preferenced during the housing contracting process. Registration for the Psychology Freshman Learning Community occurs during orientation. For questions about eligibility or registration, contact Psychology Undergraduate Advising at psychadv@iastate.eduor 515-294-1642.


Karen Scheel