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Why live with us?

The Computer Science Learning Community was established in fall 2004 to foster relationships, provide academic support for incoming freshmen wishing to major in computer science, and to help new students transition into a new environment and lifestyle. The first-year courses (Com S 227 and 228) have relatively large enrollments (+280), and our learning community provides a level of interaction between students that is not always possible in the classroom.

Many students come to the computer science major with few clear ideas about what it means to be a computer scientist, while others have taken programming courses in high school and explored computer science on their own. Some students are intimidated by the experience level of others, while some are looking for greater challenges. Living in close proximity to one another, friendships can form despite differences in skill levels, as those differences diminish throughout the school year. The learning community sponsors social events and weekly sessions in the dorms where peer mentors review current topics, provide guidance on homework, and discuss both elementary and advanced computer science topics.

Eligibility Requirements

Students studying Computer Science.


Sita Molacek

Deb Holmes