Welcome to Iowa State!

The Department of Residence and ISU Dining at Iowa State University provide accommodations for conferences, camps, and academic programs for participants of all ages. From approximately late May through the first few days of August, we offer a variety of housing and dining options such as:

  • Rooms in residence halls and apartments that can accommodate up to approximately 6,500 guests
  • Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms
  • Linen service
  • On-campus locations within walking distance of Iowa State Center, recreation facilities, or near campus classrooms
  • Meeting rooms for small gatherings and presentations
  • Dining centers conveniently located within residence hall neighborhoods
  • Markets and cafés within residence hall and apartment neighborhoods
  • Personalized caterings ranging from snacks, box meals, and picnics, to upscale dinners

Select either of the links below that describe your housing type (groups under two weeks or groups 14 days or more). Refer to the other links below for information on contacting us/staff, maps and building descriptions, meeting rooms and student employment.