Student Employment with Conference Services

Thank you for your interest in Conference Services student employment within the Department of Residence!  We pride ourselves on having a great staff to say to our guests, “Welcome to Your Cyclone Home!”  We have two types of positions — the Summer Conference Staff position and the Conference Manager position. Both provide ISU student employees with a unique opportunity to practice and further develop initiative, assertiveness, organization, communication, and customer service skills. Conference Services employees enjoy working with a fun and supportive staff of co-workers, supervisors, and other staff teams within the Department of Residence.

Descriptions and selection process timelines for each position are listed below. For answers to questions, or to request a printed application, please email, or call 515-294-8384.

Conference Coordinators (CCs)

The Conference Coordinator position is a dynamic and challenging one. We look for enthusiastic, customer-oriented, and dedicated student Conference Coordinators to coordinate delivery of housing and dining services to summer conference groups living in ISU residence halls and apartments. Conference Coordinators assist with the selection, training, and supervision of approximately 18 student Summer Conference Staff. Hours are part-time in the spring and continue with full-time in the summer. Possibilities for fall employment follow. These positions provide a wide variety of experiences and may be possible internship opportunities for students of any major, particularly those in Event Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Business, and others!

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Conference Coordinator Application and Job Description:

Some of our former Conference Coordinators had the following things to say about their job experience:

“The Conference (Coordinator) position is the perfect job for a student to get professional work experience.  This job will help you learn to interact with other professionals, manage several tasks and deadlines, and it will help you hone your written and verbal communication skills. Being a Conference (Coordinator) has given me experience that will help me to obtain a career in my field, and I also feel more confident in my ability to succeed in my future career.”

“I would recommend this position to anyone that is looking for a solid working experience before graduating from college. You are directly responsible for hundreds of guests and thousands of dollars coming through the residence halls during the summer. I know from past Conference (Coordinators) that this job teaches you qualities that are highly sought after on the job market such as strong communication skills, organizational skills and management experience.  It is a great experience and I’m very glad I took the position.”

“…I really enjoyed preparing for my conferences, seeing them from start to finish, and then following up on them. Being in charge of a conference and a staff to work it, carried a great amount of responsibility, as well as a great sense of accomplishment … I also enjoyed being a part of the interview process. It is something that most people my age do not have the chance to do.”

Summer Conference Staff (CS)

Summer Conference Staff are responsible for providing front-line quality service to adult and youth guests living in the Department of Residence summer conference housing areas. The position requires a flexible person who likes the opportunity to learn and use new skills daily, enjoys helping people, and wants to be an active and supportive team member. These summer-only positions provide a fun, learning experience for students of any major! An hourly salary is provided plus a summer meal plan and optional housing at Frederiksen Court with other Summer Conference Staff.

Conference Staff Application and Job Description:

Some of our former Summer Conference Staff had the following things to say about their job experience:

“I absolutely loved this job. I’ve had quite a few temporary positions and summer jobs and this was by far the best one I’ve had. I loved all the staff and how outgoing everyone was. It was a very work-first atmosphere but there was still fun sprinkled in with it.”

“Do it!!!”  Where else can you get paid to have such a good time and have the honor of representing this University?  It is too good of a deal to pass up—housing, a meal plan, and countless good memories.  Not to mention the fact that you learn so much more about the school and community you are a part of, and how they operate.  I gained a lot from the experience and I’d do it all over again.”

“I would without hesitation recommend this job to an undergrad.  It’s great customer service experience that is very rewarding and comes with important responsibilities.  Overall, it’s a way to meet wonderful people, earn some money, and get some experience, all while having a blast.”

“Summer Conference Staff is a fun job that allows you to work with a variety of people that come for Conferences throughout the summer, and the staff that you work with have great personalities…the best thing about the job is the small community you create with the people you work with.”

“It is a very fun and relaxed work environment with great managers, good pay, and great benefits…with the housing and food benefits we receive, a good majority of the money I made went straight to my saving account and will be used for college expenses next year.”