sharing common interests
in the wonders of engineering.

Why live with us?

EELC offers a great environment to know your peers and many people in the department including professors, advisers, and staff. Students will take classes together in the first terms, such as:

  • Math 165
  • Chemistry 167
  • EE 185
  • Engr 101

And in the second term:

  • Math 166
  • Physics 221
  • EE 186
  • EE166

Learning community students have opportunities to work with mentors, as well as participate in problem solving help sessions. Mentors typically help with math, chemistry and physics as well. The learning community emphasizes learning, exploration, team work, group projects, and group activities that will enhance students social and educational lives within the university. Social activities are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Eligibility Requirements

Open to all majors, the emphasis of the problems and demos are based on interesting problems in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Dr. Mani Mina

Tina Prouty