The perfect place for families!

Schilletter Village, part of the SUV Apartment Community, is apartment-style housing for students with families. Two-bedroom units are one of the lowest rates in town and include most utilities!

Current Rates

  • SV, 2 bedroom, 1 level $6910
  • SV, pet friendly, 2 bedroom, 1 level $7210
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Family housing in Schilletter Village is typically available to students who are married or in a domestic partner relationship and/or have custody/visitation rights for dependent children (or spouse/partner’s dependent children).

These one-level units have two bedrooms, a full bath, a kitchen and living room. First floor and second floor apartments are available. Buildings have private, lockable storage in the basement. The basement also has connections if a family wants to install a washer and dryer. Or, you’re welcome to use the community laundry building.

Rent and Utilities

Our rates are listed per apartment. If you choose to live in an apartment by yourself and don’t want a roommate, you’ll pay the full amount. If you have a roommate, your share of rent will be half of what’s listed. Rent is billed to your Ubill at the beginning of each semester.

All utilities are included in the rate except gas, which is an additional charge added to your U-Bill. As of August 1, 2022, ISU Department of Residence manages all SUV Community apartments’ gas service with Alliant Energy. You do not need to set up an account with Alliant. Your monthly usage is divided by the number of contracted residents within your unit and will be added to your U-Bill each month. Questions about this change? Please see our FAQ page.

Included utilities in the rate are: electricity, water, garbage service and DSL internet. If you want wireless internet in your apartment, you will need to bring your own router.


MetroNet is the internet service provider in SUV. Expect speeds up to 1 gigabit. You’ll need to bring a wireless router and connect it if you want wireless internet in your apartment. For more information, click here.


Pets are allowed in specific Schilletter Village Apartments! Pet apartment residents pay the pet rate even if they don’t own a pet. 

Buildings 10 through 16 and 20 are pet friendly. All other apartments do not allow pets (other than fish).


Want to live with someone of the opposite gender? You and your roommate will need to make that request to our office in writing (2419 Friley Hall,

If you sign a single contract, you will be placed with a roommate of the same gender as you.

Community Center

The SUV Community Center has several different amenities that include: the front desk and offices for staff members, a computer lab with printer, large multipurpose room, and a kitchen. Residents can access the building 24/7 and it’s where you’ll enjoy community events!


Parking is available and passes are purchased through the ISU Parking Division.


You can install a washer in the basement of your apartment building. Or, you can use the laundry center available to the community. Machines utilize SpeedQueen for payment.

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy plenty of green space, basketball courts, garden space, fruit trees and hammock poles. And, we have great walking/biking paths that connect to campus and the Ames community trail system.

Meal Plans

Though a meal plan isn’t required, you can choose to build one that works for you by checking out these ISU Dining meal plans.