Gender-Inclusive housing

Freeman Hall is gender inclusive and provides an opportunity for you to find a housing community that meets your needs and supports your academic and personal success. 


Freeman Hall is designated as gender-inclusive housing (GIH). It is designed to provide a supportive and educational housing option for transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals and welcomes cisgender allies who are interested in the mission and vision of GIH.

GIH facilities, room assignments, and programming honor gender diversity and community standards are set so that GIH residents can live their commitment to a gender-expansive experience.

Programming/education in GIH will also include a range of topics important to the LGBTQIA+ community, so all people who hold diverse gender, sexual, and relationship identities may find GIH of interest to them. 

Have more questions about gender-inclusive housing? Click here and explore gender-inclusive-housing FAQ.

Quick Facts

Location East Campus
Open Winter Break Yes
Air-Conditioned No
Meal Plan Required Yes
Building Type Hall
Kitchenette Students in Freeman can use the Roberts kitchenette.
Furnishings Freeman Hall features a large parlor with air conditioning and plenty of soft seating for a comfortable place to study, play the piano, enjoy a game of cards with friends or just relax.
Floors 4
Capacity 136
Laundry The laundry room is located in the first floor. It has four washers and dryers, a rinse sink and vending machines.

Current Rates

Double Rate:


  • Single $5655
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Want to Live in Freeman?

Freeman Hall is an opt-in community. To live in Freeman, fill out the form below and we will add the preference to your contract.

*New starting for Fall 2023-Spring 2024 contracts – the GIH opt-in form is now a part of the On-Campus Housing Contract. Simply select Gender-Inclusive Housing on the Learning Community Request page and then fill out the Opt-In form. We also suggest listing Freeman Hall as your top Room Preferences. 

Gender-Inclusive Housing Opt-In Form

This form is for anyone who would like to live in our Gender-Inclusive Housing, located in Freeman Hall. Students must opt-in through this form in order to be assigned to Freeman.

  • If you are assigned to a double room, you will be assigned a random roommate. Please list your roommate preference.