Residence Halls

Items should be addressed like this:

Resident’s Full Name
Hall Name House Name
Street Address, Room Number
Ames, IA Zip Code

Each room is assigned a mailbox that all residents of the room share. Your mailbox will either be a key or combination and you’ll get that information at move-in.

Package carriers do not deliver to student rooms. They deliver to central locations on campus and our staff then process the 50,000+ packages that come to campus every year. Here are a few tips to help the process run smoothly.

  1. Use the correct name and address when you order something. The name on your package needs to closely match what is on your ISU Card.
  2. Check your “” email for updates. When we get your package, we will email you with a package number. You’ll need this and your ISU Card to pick up your package. Please wait one hour before coming to the mailroom to pick up your package. This gives us time to process and sort your package so we are ready when you arrive.
  3. Plan ahead with your order. The shipping time from the company is when your package will get to campus. Once it arrives at our central locations, we need time to process the package. Add two days to the shipping time and that is likely when you can expect to receive an email that your package is ready. Tracking numbers will not be accurate.
  4. Perishable items. Please be aware there is limited refrigeration capacity in our mailrooms.  Please plan accordingly and if you order items that are perishable, pick them up promptly.

Deliveries from local vendors

If you order on-line from vendors who make their own deliveries, (Target, Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, Uber Eats, MyTown2Go, Door Dash, etc.) you must arrange for the delivery when you are available to receive it personally, similar to a pizza delivery.  When you are placing an order, it is required to choose when and where the delivery occurs.  If this doesn’t happen, and the delivery is brought to the desk/mailroom, staff should refuse the delivery and encourage the delivery person to connect with you via the contact information provided with the order. Staff should not assume possession or liability for items/deliveries left outside of buildings. You would need to speak directly to the vendor to address issues related to deliveries being left outside.  If the vendor leaves the package at the desk/mailroom regardless, we will treat it as abandoned property.

If the item delivered by a local vendor to any desk/mailroom is a celebratory item, (e.g., flowers, cakes, balloons, etc.) we will accept and log those deliveries. If it is coming from a Department on campus or a registered Student Organization, they need to complete the Collection and Distribution Form and submit the request for review by the Desk Advisory Group.

Shipping guidelines: Our mailrooms are small and do not have room to store large items such as furniture or electronics.


Each individual apartment is assigned a mailbox that all residents of that apartment share. You will receive access to your mailbox at the time you check-in.

  • In Frederiksen Court, your apartment key also operates your mailbox, located inside the first floor entrance of each building.

  • SV mailboxes are located in the first-floor hallway of each building. Residents receive a mailbox key at check-in.

  • In UV, mailboxes are located on the roadside in close proximity to each cluster of apartments. Residents receive a mailbox key at check-in.

To ensure prompt delivery, items should be addressed as follows:

Frederiksen Court

Resident’s Full Name

Street Address, Apt. #

Ames, IA Zip Code

Schilletter / University Village

Resident’s Full Name

Street Address, Apt. Letter

Ames, IA Zip Code