You don’t have to run to campus because you’re already here
The easiest way
to get ahead.
We’re here to help students succeed. It’s that simple and it’s why living with us is simple, too.
Halls & Apartments

Our goal is to help you have a successful Iowa State adventure and it’s why your Cyclone home is so much more than a room. Sure, we have the traditional amenities but we have a lot more that’s tough to find anywhere else.

The ‘traditional amenities’

Leases – we really hate to call them that. They’re more like contracts and they’re FLEXIBLE. Think ahead. Do you want to graduate early? Get an internship? How about studying abroad? Our leases are academically-friendly and it means we let you out of them for academic reasons. If you’re locked in to a traditional lease, you’re paying for space when you’re on that amazing internship (and probably paying for housing wherever you are, too). Our contracts always follow the academic year and that means you’re not paying for space in the summer when you’re not here (we do have summer housing, too, in case you are here).

Utilities – You don’t have to budget for or worry about fluctuating utilities or pay a bunch of bills every month. In all of our locations (except SUV), everything below is included.

  • Electric – Included
  • Water – Included
  • Gas – Included 
  • Internet – Included
  • Furniture – Included 

Location – Everybody around us talks about how “close” they are to campus. We get that – because we’re on campus. It’s so easy to jump out of bed and make it to class. Between classes? You’re not commuting. You’re grabbing lunch, heading back to your room to study, working out or prepping for your broom ball game. Life on campus means you’re not wasting time doing things that aren’t fun (commuting, grocery shopping, etc.) and it leaves you more time to study and have fun!

Extras – We don’t really think tanning beds, hot tubs or resort-style pools add to our mission of student success so you won’t find that here. There’s plenty of hang out and study space in each of our communities.

Our Amenities

Professional Staff – We have master’s level and above staff living in every community we operate. We don’t just keep them there because we like them (we do, they’re awesome!). They live in your community because they have a passion for seeing you succeed and the educational training to help you do that. They create an environment that contributes to your personal and academic success, oversee the building and manage the RA staff who work there.

Resident Assistants (RAs) – This is an ISU student who lives in your house or apartment area, develops programs and is a resource when you have questions. They can help you with something as simple as “What’s a recitation?” and connect you with Iowa State resources who can help with the bigger questions like “What do I do if I’m failing a class?” or “I’m struggling, who can I talk to?”

Custodians – “I can’t wait until ‘my kids’ come back.” We hear that every single summer from our custodians and they’re talking about you. Getting to know you and contribute to your success is why summers aren’t nearly as much fun! Every area has a custodian that cleans traditional-style bathrooms and common spaces. You’ll see your custodian nearly every day. Some of our staff have been part of our family for over 20 years.

Maintenance – We have a team of maintenance professionals that are full-time employees of our department. Put in a work order and you’re getting a person in a red shirt showing up at your door to fix the issue.