Communication is the key in the formation of any strong relationship. To increase the likelihood of forming a strong relationship, roommates should engage in a conversation. Some students develop contracts for their relationship. Below are some of the questions and topics you might want to discuss.

Get to Know Each Other

  • Home town
  • Hobbies
  • Why you chose ISU
  • Major or career interest

The Room

  • How do we want to arrange the space?
  • What kind of room decorations or posters do we want?
  • How neat does the space need to be to keep both of us happy?

Study Style

  • What time of the day or night do you like to study?
  • Does it disturb you if music is playing or the tv is on when you are studying?


  • Are you comfortable with guests visiting the room while you are here?
  • What time would visitors be off limits?

Emotional Style

  • Is there anything that I should know about you that would help me understand you better?
  • How will I know if you are frustrated? What do you want me to do if you are?

Roommate relationships are strengthened when students keep the lines of communication open. Most students find it beneficial to discuss and reset expectations throughout the year. If you feel that you need help with your relationship, seek out your RA (Resident Assistant). They’re always happy to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities.