Spring break is from Saturday, March 9, to Sunday, March 17. Whether you’re staying on campus or traveling for spring break, keep reading for important information!

The residence halls and apartments are open, and staff are available 24/7.

Exterior residence hall building doors will be locked at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 8, and will unlock at 7 a.m. on Monday, March 18.  Carry your access card and keys with you at all times. Exterior doors on the Frederiksen Court buildings will continue to be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Don’t prop doors open or let strangers in to the residence halls or apartments. Visitors must be escorted at all times. Anyone who has gained or provided illegal access to the halls/apartments during break will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. All policies are enforced during break.

Staff may enter your room/apartment during spring break to ensure that proper procedures have been followed, for room repairs, and/or to conduct routine maintenance (check smoke detectors, heating, cooling and electrical systems, filter changes, etc.).

If you’re leaving for break, we need you to do the following for safety, security, and prevention:

  • Close and lock all windows. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Remove all trash from your wastebaskets and room/apartment. Do not leave garbage in public areas.
  • Turn off lights and unplug non-essential items.
  • Move items at least 2 feet away from the heaters, as filters may need to be replaced.
  • Remove all perishable items from your refrigerator. Your fridge can stay plugged in over break.
  • Remember to turn off your alarm clock and/or any other timed appliances so they don’t go off during break.
  • Take valuable items home to prevent theft.
  • Fish aquariums require constant attention, such as feeding and electricity. Please make arrangements prior to leaving for proper care.
  • Lock your door.

ISU Police are here during break and can be reached at 515-294-4428. For emergencies, dial 911.

Maintenance Issues

Use the online service request for routine maintenance needs. If it’s an emergency maintenance need, call 515-294-3322 during business hours. If it’s after hours, call your RA on Duty.

Community Desk and Mailroom Hours

There will be limited mail and desk services available during spring break. Starting Saturday, March 9, following areas will be open from 3 to 5 p.m. for package pickup and other desk services over fall break:

  • UDCC Mailroom,
  • Geoffroy Hall Desk
  • Cornerstone
  • MWL Hall Desk,
  • Wallace-Wilson Hall Desk
  • Frederiksen Court Community Desk
  • SUV Community Center

All other hall desks will be closed.


Please check the dining website for open locations and operating hours during Spring Break.


Parking will be enforced in Reserved, General Staff and Medical Permit spots. You will be able to park in any student parking areas.

Also, make sure to read the email sent by your apartment/hall director for any building-specific directions. If you have any questions, please contact your RA.

Thanks, and enjoy your spring break!

Heat Settings

Make sure you follow the heat settings listed below anytime you leave campus. If you don’t? Pipes can break and flooding can damage your belongings.

Heat Settings for Each Building

  • Friley – Set convector thermostat on a medium setting and fan switch ON. Steam radiators should be set on a medium setting of 2 to 3.
  • Eaton, Martin, Buchanan – Set wall thermostat to 70.
  • Helser – Lever on baseboard heating unit should be open and baseboard should have nothing in front of it so heat can flow freely in to the room.
  • Maple – Set wall thermostat to medium heat setting and fan switch ON.
  • Willow and Larch – Set the LED fan button to low, then set the up down arrow buttons to show 70 degrees.
  • Linden, BWR, BLF and Oak-Elm  – Set thermostat knob on the radiator to a medium setting of 2 or 3.
  • Oak-Elm ‘New Hall’ – Lever should be open for heat.
  • Geoffroy – Set wall thermostat to medium heat setting of 70 degrees and fan switch ON.
  • Wallace and Wilson – Base board heat — with flaps on top open.
  • Frederiksen Court / SUV – Set thermostat to 70.