What’s included?

Our halls, suites and Frederiksen Court Apartments includes the following utilities: Gas, electric, water, internet, trash removal, snow removal and even furniture – it’s all included! 

There are no monthly bills or surprise expenses. Your rate includes everything and is billed to your U-bill.

Oh, and don’t forget about our contracts – they’re actually student friendly. It means you can move around within our system, you don’t pay for space when you’re off on an amazing summer internship and if you graduate early (or leave ISU for other academic reasons)? You’re not stuck finding a sub leaser or paying out the rest of your contract.

The only location that is not furnished and has a utility bill is SUV Apartments. 

Heating and Cooling Systems

The question we get the most from our students is “It’s too hot in our room, when can we turn on the AC.” To find the answer to that question, and learn about the heating and cooling systems in your hall, click here.