Laundry is available in every residence hall and apartment community – even though mom isn’t here to do it for you! We make it as easy as we can with a simple app that shows you available machines, when your laundry is done, and includes payment in the app. You’ll need to bring your own laundry supplies (HE detergent, baskets and anything else you typically use). Instructions on how to use machines are posted in each area.

Cost: $.75 to wash and $.75 to dry in all residence hall laundry rooms and in the SUV laundry building. There are machines in each Frederiksen Court apartment that do not require payment.

Payment: To pay for laundry, use the Speed Queen app.

  • Speed Queen – You can download the Speed Queen app on the Google Play or Apple Store. With the app, you can view available machines, know when your laundry is done and pay! You load money in to the app using a credit or debit card and you’re good to go! Our school code is IOWAST.

Laundry Tips

  • Do not overload the machines – it slows wash and dry time
  • Use high-efficiency detergent (HE)
  • If you’re using pods, they go in the wash drum with the clothes – not in the detergent tray
  • Do not use laundry sheets – they clog our machines
  • Be mindful of the heat setting you choose, you will rarely need to select “high temp” – This can shrink and damage your clothes
  • Use the Speed Queen app to check for available machines before you go to the laundry room and to track your laundry so you can remove it when it’s done.

How to Use Our Washing Machines

How to Use Our Dryers