2019-20 Recontracting Roommates

When it's time to choose your roommates and pick your room, you'll follow the steps below. This process will be availlable when it's time to choose spaces for next year.

You will be able to choose your own roommates by using the Two-Step Roommate Group function in AccessPlus (A+). Please read the following guides for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Forming a roommate group

Step 2: Pulling in roommates


  • Forming a roommate group DOES NOT put you and your roommates in a room together.
  • A+ doesn't know where you and your roommates want to live. You have to tell it.
  • You MUST pull your roommates into the space.

Search Leaders

  • Only one member of each group can be in A+ searching for spaces at a time. This person is called your Search Leader.
  • If a second group member tries to search for spaces, the first person will be "bounced out" and will lose any in-progress selections.
  • Groups should discuss ahead of time who their Search Leader will be.
  • Any group member acting as Search Leader can change assignments for the entire group.
    • It is the Search Leader's responsibility to tell the group that a change has been made.

Selecting a Space

  • Each group lasts for only one assignment change.
    • Once a selection is made, the group dissolves. You need to reform the group to make more changes.
  • Talk to your group! Discuss the types of housing you do / do not want.
  • Once your assignment changes, that change is final unless you or your Search Leader changes it again in A+.