How to Submit Your Contract

Signing up to live on campus is easy! Your assignment is based off the date you submit your housing contract, not the date you accept your offer of admission. There’s no reason to wait!

You can always make adjustments to your contract later on like adding a roommate or learning community. If you know you want to be a Cyclone, follow the steps below and submit your housing contract!

  • Accept your offer of admission to Iowa State.
  • Log in to the Housing Portal to submit your contract. As part of this process, you will choose preferences (aka: places you’d want to live). Check out housing options here. Not sure where you want to live? It’s okay! You can always adjust your preferences, add roommates or choose learning communities later.
  • Submit your contract and you’re set!

When to submit your contract

We start accepting contracts in June the year before you plan to come to Iowa State (Ex: June 2020 for fall 2021 entry). There is no deadline to submit your contract but assignments are based on the date you submit your contract.

When you’ll Get your assignment

Fall Entry: New student assignments are released beginning in late May. Why? It’s because the students living on campus while you’re in your senior year of high school are deciding what room they’d like for next year (when you’re in your second year or above, you get to pick your space!).

Spring Entry: Assignments are released in mid December.


Full contract terms and conditions for all students who choose to live on campus can be found here. It is your responsibility to become familiar with all aspects of the contract as well as all other behavioral and administrative policies pertaining to living on campus.