Students submitting a housing contract

The majority of students don’t have a specific roommate they want to live with when they submit their contract to live with us. If you don’t have a roommate? Submit your contract anyway! We base assignments off the date you submit your housing contract.

You can always add a roommate later and then we’d base your assignment on the person who submitted their contract first – you don’t back up to their date if they were after you.

The deadline for adding a roommate for fall entry contracts is April 15.

Both roommates have to:

  • Be admitted to Iowa State at the time assignments are made.
  • Be the same gender (unless requesting SUV, Frederiksen, Freeman or Spectrum)
  • Be eligible for the same type of housing (for example, if one roommate requests a learning community but the other is not eligible for that learning community, the roommate group will be broken to accommodate the learning community request).
  • All requests must be mutual

When we make your assignment, your room preferences will guide us. However, your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be honored – even if you didn’t preference that location. Learn more about how we make assignments here.