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Students first – we care about you and your success at ISU.
Current students choose exactly where they want to live! No hidden fees, deposits and did we mention – academically-friendly contracts? Don’t pay for space when you’re not here!
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Make Your Room Preferences

If you want to live in one of our residence halls, suites or apartments you’ll need to log into our housing portal, sign your contract and look for the space that best fits your needs. For deadlines and more details click here.

Explore your options with our comparison tool. Then, login to our Housing Portal and choose your hall, suite or apartment for next year! You do have 14 days from when you signed your contract to cancel without penalty if you change your mind.

Not sure where you’re living next year? Stay here!

Life on campus is easy, convenient and the only time in your life you get to live with a bunch of your friends and take part in the full college experience – don’t second guess another year!

Plus – utilities are included in all locations (except SUV), contracts are flexible (don’t pay for space when you’re off on an amazing internship) and it’s so easy to get involved when you live in the heart of campus.

Don’t forget – all returners to the halls have the option of the Silver and Bronze meal plans for next year.

family housing: Schilletter village

Students living in Schilletter Village have until 10 p.m. on March 31, to renew their same apartment for next year.


What if I can’t decide? Choosing before April 15 in our Housing Portal gives you the most availability to find what you want. Self selection will end when we start to make new-student assignments. But, if you need a place to live, just give us a call at 515-294-2900 or email us at housing@iastate.edu and we’ll help you find a place to live.

What if I change my mind or don’t find the space I want? You have 14 days from the time you submit your contract to cancel it without penalty.

Who do I contact for help? Give our assignments experts a call at 515-294-2900, email us at housing@iastate.edu or stop by 2419 Friley Hall weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – we’re here for you!


Full contract terms and conditions for all students who choose to live on campus can be found here. It is your responsibility to become familiar with all aspects of the contract as well as all other behavioral and administrative policies pertaining to living on campus.