Our online process makes it easy to move around campus during designated times of the year. Want to move to a different room, floor or even a different building? No problem! You will just need to follow the process and timeline below. All assignment changes are made in the Housing Portal.

Assignment Change Instructions

Our team is here to help whether you’re an incoming student looking to switch rooms before you move in or a current student who wants to move to a different room. There are two options you can use to change your assignment: Room Change Process or the Room Swap Tool. To help navigate the process in the Housing Portal, be sure to take a look at the following guides

Assignment Change Process and Information

  • Occupying more than one room/apartment, except while in the process of conducting an assignment change is prohibited.
  • Under no circumstances will the Department of Residence move one resident based on the request of another.
  • For changes initiated for a future semester, check-in / out information and deadlines will be communicated via email and/or on our website here. Failure to follow these instructions may result in release of the reservation and administrative charges.
  • Within suites or apartments, bedroom changes must be initiated using the Housing Portal. You must maintain possession of the keys to your assignment.

Checking in and Out

You’re responsible for following all check-in and check-out procedures when you choose to relocate.

  • Check in – Failure to follow check-in procedures will result an a $50 administrative charge.
  • Check out – Failure to follow check-out procedures and/or failure to check out by the assigned deadline will result in continued accrual of housing and dining fees, a $50 improper check-out charge, lock change charges and/or cleaning and maintenance charges.
  • Lock Change and Key Replacement Cards – All keys issued to you must be returned at the time of check out. Failure to do so will result in charges for lock changes and replacement keys.