In Frederiksen Court, Schilletter Village, and University Village residents with an active contract may find another eligible, non-contracted, ISU student to assume their contract.

Assumptions Currently Available

Below is a list of students who are looking for someone to assume their contract. If you want their space, please email them directly. We cannot guarantee the spaces below are still available, but we have not yet been contacted to finalize an assumption.

Term Available Area Building Apt. Type Apt. Gender Name Email
None available

Assumption Policy


  1. Apartment residents wanting to cancel their contract and remain enrolled may avoid cancellation penalties by finding a non-contracted, eligible student to assume their contracts. The cancelling resident is released from the contract once the assuming student submits a contract. At that time, the new resident becomes responsible for all of the contract terms. The following conditions apply.
    • The resident must notify the DOR, PRIOR TO CANCELLATION, of their intention to find someone to assume their contract. Once the resident cancels the contract, they forfeit the assumption option.
    • Prior to move-in, residents have until the first day of classes to complete an assumption. Otherwise, the resident must check-in or cancel their contract and be charged the cancellation penalty.
    • The DOR assumes no responsibility for finding someone to assume the contract. However, residents can submit a flyer (template on-line) to DOR will post the flyer on and refer eligible students to the site.
  2. In Frederiksen, the resident assuming the contract must be the same gender as the remaining residents. In SUV SHARED apartments, the resident assuming the contract must be the same gender as the remaining resident, unless the remaining resident emails agreeing to accept a roommate of a different gender.

Assumption Process

Do not cancel your contract until you have completed this process. Once you have cancelled your contract, you no longer have a contract to assume.

  1. If you have already identified someone to assume your contract, skip to step four, otherwise, using the templates below or one of your own design, create a flyer advertising your apartment as available for assumption.
  2. Email expressing your desire to have your contract assumed. Your email should include your full name and ISU ID#, your apartment information, and an attached copy of your completed flyer
  3. Post your flyer anywhere you think it will get attention. The DOR will post your flyer outside of the main office at 2419 Friley Hall and will include your information on this web page.
  4. When you find someone to assume your contract, both of you must complete the Housing Contract Assumption Form and submit it to the 2419 Friley Hall office. Provided you and the person assuming your contract meet the requirements outlined in the Contract Assumption Policy, you will be released from your contract without penalty.