Cancellation Dates

Your housing contract is LEGALLY BINDING. Before making the decision to cancel, please read the On-Campus Housing Contract Terms and Conditions. If you still want to cancel, you must do so on / before the below dates to avoid penalties:

Fall 2024-Spring 2025

  • For current ISU students, the deadline to cancel without penalty is March 1, 2024
  • For new to ISU students, the deadline to cancel without penalty is May 20, 2024

If you haven’t moved in, your cancel date is the date you submit your cancellation request. If you have moved in, your cancel date is the date you complete a proper check-out.

Cancellation Penalties

  1. If you cancel your contract after the deadlines and remain enrolled at ISU, you will incur cancellation penalties according to the following schedule:
2024-2025 Cancellation Schedule Cancellation Penalty
Contract Cancellation Deadline to October 23, 2024 $3,000
October 24, 2024 to January 15, 2025 $2,250
January 16, 2025 to March 17, 2025 $1,500
March 18, 2025 to May 16, 2025 $750
  1. Prior to check-in, your cancellation date is based upon the day you cancel your contract in the Housing and Dining Portal. After you check-in, your cancellation date is based upon the date you return your keys to the DOR, regardless of whether or not you were occupying the space.
  2. The $125 prepayment will be forfeited if you were required to pay it that academic year.
  3. Students living in a meal plan required area will not be allowed to cancel or be refunded their meal plans, but can lower their plan to the lowest cost plan available. Students living in a meal plan optional area can cancel within the designated change period, which is detailed in the ISU Dining Terms and Conditions.
  4. Subsequent actions during the contract term are not grounds for a change in cancellation penalty.

Cancellation Process

Students can cancel their on-campus housing contract by submitting a Contract Cancellation in their Housing Portal. If you have questions, contact us at

* Newly Admitted Students – if you plan to withdraw your admissions, you must withdraw with the Office of Admissions AND submit a Contract Cancellation form.


The cancellation penalty will be waived for residents in the following situations once their status has been verified:

  • Residents leaving ISU for any reason (i.e. withdraw, transfer, dismissal, etc.)
  • Residents going on a co-op, internship, student teaching, or study abroad experience who complete and submit a Waiver Form.
  • Frederiksen and SUV residents who successfully complete a Contract Assumption.

If you cancel for reasons other than the above, you can submit an appeal to see if you are eligible for an exception.

Penalty Appeals

If you wish to appeal the cancellation penalty you may do so as follows. The reasons appeals are granted vary. We can’t tell you how to write your appeal – it should be based on your personal situation and must include supporting documentation. The cancellation penalty will remain on your U-Bill during this process. Any late fees associated with the penalty are your responsibility.

First Level Appeal

  • You must e-mail your appeal to the Associate Director of Administrative Services within 30 days of the penalty appearing on your U-Bill.
  • Your appeal must contain your full name, ISU ID number, and the reason why you feel the cancellation penalty should not apply to you. The appeal should also be accompanied by any supporting documentation necessary.
  • Once all your materials are submitted, they will be reviewed and will email you a decision within 15-20 business days. 

Final Appeal

  • If your 1st Level Appeal is denied, you can email the Director of Administrative Services for additional consideration, within 10 business days of receiving the 1st Level Appeal decision.
  • This appeal should contain all of the previously submitted material, plus any additional information / documentation.
  • Once all your materials are submitted, they will be reviewed and will email you a decision within 15-20 business days.