The majority of students don’t have a specific roommate they want to live with when they submit their contract to live with us. If you don’t have a roommate? Submit your contract anyway! We base assignments off the date you submit your housing contract.

You can always add a roommate later and then we’d base your assignment on the person who submitted there contract first – you don’t back up to their date if they were after you.

The deadline for adding a roommate for fall entry contracts is April 15.

Both roommates have to:

  • Be admitted to Iowa State at the time assignments are made.
  • Be the same gender (unless requesting SUV or Spectrum)
  • Be eligible for the same type of housing
  • All requests must be mutual

How to Request a Roommate in AccessPlus

  1. When you submit your contract in AccessPlus, one of the steps is “Roommate Requests.” You’ll see your roommate number and letter codes.
  2. Give your codes to your intended roommate and they’ll enter them on their roommate request screen OR they can give you their codes and you can enter them on your contract. Only one person needs to enter the codes.
  3. After you enter the codes, you’ll see your intended roommate’s name appear in the “Current Roommate Request” section.

If you submit a paper contract, there is space for you to indicate a specific roommate. You will need to know the correct spelling of that person’s full name (no nicknames) and their correct birthdate.

When we make your assignment, your Room Preferences will guide us. However, your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be honored – even if you didn’t preference that location. Learn more about how we make assignments here.

Why don’t we do roommate matching?

We don’t ask questions about personality, style, religion, major, likes, dislikes, etc. Research shows that the answers to these questions don’t significantly improve the odds of you and your roommate living together successfully.

We stick to the question that research says does matter – do you smoke. After that, all roommate assignments are random, based solely on contract received date and the type of housing you preferenced.

For more tips on life with roommates, check out this information!