General Position Responsibilities

**Please note that these are generalities, not requirements

  • Plans and executes social programs for the house.
  • Plans social events that promote interaction with other houses.
  • Plans events in accordance with University and Department of Residence policies.
  • Develops a calendar of social events each semester.
  • Informs house of other social events on campus.

A Social Chair should know:

  1. Resources on campus to help plan events.
  2. Previous and annual house social events.
  3. The Events Authorization Process for large-scale events

Social Chair FAQs:

How can I determine what social events my house would like to have?

  • Develop a survey that asks about your fellow residents’ interests, and what types of activities they would like to see.
  • Ask for feedback at house meetings.
  • Consult with your CA to see if he/she has noticed any particular needs

What are the steps for developing a successful social calendar?

The following steps may help you in planning your events:

  1. Ask your fellow residents’ what ideas and desires they have for programs.
  2. Brainstorm a list of potential ideas at a house meeting.
  3. Narrow the list down to 3-5 programs that are most feasible and/or have the most interest from the house.
  4. At a house meeting, confirm that these 3-5 are the ones the house would like to see.
  5. Ask for volunteers to serve on a social committee.
  6. Consult a calendar and determine when the best times for these programs would be. Decide the dates early and begin advertising! Be sure to work with your CA.
  7. Take each event one-at-a-time, and delegate responsibilities to each person on the committee.
  8. For each event:
    1. Determine the location and time.
    1. Develop a budget for the program by determining what you need. (Do you need food, music, decorations, paper for flyers, trash bags, door prizes, etc.?)
    1. Advertise the program at house meetings, through e-mail, using flyers, etc.
    1. Evaluate the event in your committee or house meeting. Take this feedback and use it to make the next event bigger and better!

How can I increase attendance at social events?

  • Some residents may need an extra push, like a personal invitation to an activity or event.
  • Reward residents who get involved.
  • Ask yourself: “what benefits do the residents receive from attending social events?” If you can’t think of any, it’s time for some new incentives or some new events!
  • Timing is very important. Avoid peak times for exams and tests. Also avoid other university activities and sporting events if possible.

What are some ideas for social activities?

  • Ice cream socials
  • Halloween costume party
  • Super Bowl party
  • Monday Night Football parties
  • Parties involving popular TV shows
  • Game shows
  • Multicultural events (base the party on a particular culture and use food, entertainment, etc. from that culture)
  • Movie nights
  • Karaoke night
  • Dinners with other houses
  • Snowperson-building contests
  • Room decoration competitions

What specific policies should I keep in mind while planning events?

  • Events that are only for a house or the hall usually don’t need special permission from the University. If your event involves any of the following, you need to consult with the Student Activities Center (B6 Memorial Union), and possibly go through the Events Authorization process:
    • Events that involve food for students who live outside of your hall
    • Events that require outdoor spaces or other facilities not owned the Department of Residence
    • Events that involve fireworks or other aspects that could be hazardous
    • Special events like rallies, speakers, and conferences
  • If you want to reserve other rooms in the residence halls contact your Hall Director.