Some typical house committees might include:

Social Committee:

  • Plans social events for the house, such as house parties, activities with other houses, canoe trips, etc.
  • Ensures that all house social events are in accordance with house, residence life, and university policies.

Finance Committee:

  • Discusses and recommends expenditures to the house.

Education Committee:

  • Plans the educational activities for the house, including programs on academics, diversity, leadership, and personal development.
  • Invites guest speakers to house meetings.

Philanthropy/Community Service Committee:

  • Plans service activities for the house.

Environmental Committee:

  • Discusses issues related to a clean and healthy house environment and campus community.

Recognition Committee:

  • Recognizes accomplishments of house members.
  • Recognizes birthdays for house members.

House History and Traditions Committee:

  • Maintains historical house records, such as old yearbooks, scrapbooks, notes, pictures, etc.
  • Records current house activities through words and pictures.