General Position Responsibilities

**Please note that these are generalities, not requirements

  • Prepares and submits a proposed budget to the Cabinet and the House.
  • Maintains financial records for the House.
  • Collects any payments as necessary.
  • Pays all house bills
  • Collects project statements from the Campus Organizations Accounting Office
  • Completes mandatory treasurer training session each year (provided by the Campus Organizations Accounting Office).

A House Treasurer should know:

  1. Where the Campus Organizations Accounting office is.
  2. How to keep a ledger.
  3. The account history of the house.
  4. How to fill out forms such as intramurals and vouchers.

**SPECIAL NOTE: All treasurers need to attend a Treasurer Training Session at the beginning of their term.

Treasurer FAQs:

How should our house draft a budget?

As a house cabinet, look ahead to the semester’s expenses and draft a budget. Do not be extravagant, but allow for some flexibility. Take notice of any house equipment that needs to be replaced, and big events such as homecoming that might require extra expenses. Also keep in mind the goals you’ve set for programming and social events.

Dues are billed to students at the beginning of each academic year.  The amount for the dues is decided in the spring semester at the Inter-Residence Hall Association meetings.