General Position Responsibilities

**Please note that these are generalities, not requirements

  • Plans and executes educational programs for the house that promote increased knowledge and awareness.
  • Develops a calendar of educational programs each semester.
  • Informs house of other educational and personal development programs on campus.
  • Invites guests speakers to house meetings and/or other educational programs

A House Education Programming Chair should know:

  1. The name of the educational programming chair in the hall.
  2. Where to find guest speakers for programs.
  3. How to reserve rooms (in case you want to have it elsewhere than the house itself).

Educational/Programming Chair FAQs:

What are some good topics for educational programs?

  • Diversity, social justice, and inclusion issues
  • Resume writing/interview skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Gender communication
  • Study skills/time management
  • Stress relief
  • Career planning
  • Involvement opportunities at ISU
  • Financial management

What are the steps for developing a successful program?

The following steps may help you in planning your events:

  1. Ask your fellow residents what ideas and desires they have for programs.
  2. Brainstorm a list of potential ideas at a house meeting.
  3. Narrow the list down to 3-5 programs that are most feasible and/or have the most interest from the house.
  4. At a house meeting, confirm that these 3-5 are the ones the house would like to see.
  5. Ask for volunteers to serve on an educational programming committee.
  6. Take a calendar, and determine when the best times for these programs would be. Decide the dates early and begin advertising! Be sure to work with whoever is planning your house social events.
  7. Take each event one-at-a-time, and delegate responsibilities to each person on the committee.
  8. For each event:
    1. Determine the location and time.
    1. Develop a budget for the program by determining what you need. (Do you need food, decorations, paper for flyers, a gift for the presenter, etc.?)
    1. Advertise the program at house meetings, through e-mail, and by using flyers.
    1. Hold the program.
    1. Evaluate the event in your committee, or even at a house meeting. Take this feedback and use it to make the next program bigger and better!

Where can I find good presenters?

  • Based on the topic, consult colleges, departments, community organizations, etc.
  • The following contacts may help you find a speaker:
    • Your CA and Hall Director
    • The Student Activities Center (1560 Memorial Union, 294-8081)
    • The Dean of Students Office (1010 Student Services Bldg., 294-1020)

How do I reserve rooms on campus?

To find out more about room reservations, visit

How can I increase attendance at educational programs?

  • Some residents may need an extra push, like a personal invitation to an activity or event.
  • Reward residents who get involved.
  • Ask yourself: “what benefits do the residents receive from attending educational programs?” If you can’t think of any, it’s time for some new incentives or some new events