So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 1
Capacity 27
Room Types Single, Double
Gender Co-Ed
Average Ceiling Height 7’6″
A/C Yes
Furnishings Lofted beds; wardrobe with drawers; desk with chair and bookshelf; window blinds; mirror; wastebasket; recycling basket; sink and medicine cabinet.

House History

Margaret Doolittle, a native of Fremont, Iowa, graduated from Central College at Pella, Iowa (1882). She held positions at Sigourney High School and at the Washington Academy in Iowa before coming to Iowa State in 1890 as professor of Latin and English. In addition to teaching, she was made an assistant preceptress in 1895. A description in The Bomb (1896) says of Doolittle, “Boys and girls alike turn to her for advice and are never disappointed and she proves to be a valuable counselor.” She was on the Iowa State staff from 1890 to 1898.