Frederiksen Court Overview

The Frederiksen Court Apartment Community sits on the north side of campus. Each unit is fully furnished in all bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. All utilities are included and there’s a washer/dryer in each unit. As always, leases are individual and academic year (summer if students need it). There is a community center, restaurant, convenience store and outdoor recreation space.

Adding A Two-Bedroom, Two-Person Apartment Option

Currently, University Village is the only on-campus apartment option designed for two students, each having their own bedroom (two-person, two-bedroom apartments).

In Frederiksen Court, we have apartment styles that are currently designed to be four-person, two-bedroom options. This means that there are two students in each bedroom.

In conversations with students and staff, there’s an interest in converting some of these apartments to two-person, two-bedroom units. This gives students a fully-furnished apartment option with one other roommate.  All four-person, four-bedroom apartments in Frederiksen would remain.


Students show an increasing interest in having a pet while they’re at Iowa State. Currently, we have pet-friendly spaces in Schilletter and University Village Apartments.

After discussions with staff and students, we’re proposing adding pet-friendly spaces to some of the Frederiksen Court two-bedroom apartments.


We are proposing the following rate structure for the 2021-22 academic year.

Apartment TypeThis Year’s RateNext Year’s RateNext Year’s
Monthly Rate
Academic Year
$ Change
Academic Year
% Change
2 Bedroom Shared $4848$4950 $550+ $102  +2.10%
2 Bedroom Private
(adding many more)
 $7434$5850 $650– $1584 – 21.31% 
2 Bedroom Private Pet
(new option!)
 N/A$6120$680N/A N/A 
4 Bedroom Private $6084 $5400$600– $684 – 11.24% 


  • Next Year’s Monthly Rate: Even though you don’t pay rent each month because it’s billed via U-bill, it’s important to see the monthly rent breakdown.
  • Two Bedroom Shared: Four people occupy the apartment and two people share a bedroom.
  • Two Bedroom Private: Two people occupy the apartment and each have their own bedroom.
  • Two Bedroom Private, Pet: Two people occupy the apartment, each have their own bedroom and pets would be welcome.
  • Four Bedroom Private: Four people occupy the apartment, each have their own bedroom.

Co-ed Option

Currently, students in Schilletter and University Village Apartments can opt to have a roommate of a different gender. This is also common practice in the off-campus market. It gives students the flexibility to create a living environment that is most beneficial to their personal success.

We are proposing adding co-ed flexibility to some Frederiksen Court private-bedroom apartments. As is our policy now, all roommates would request and agree to the co-ed option.

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Want to live in Freddy Next year?

If you currently live in Freddy now and want to stay in your apartment for the 2021-22 academic year, you can log in to the Housing Portal now and keep your spot. If you don’t live in Freddy but want to, check out the instructions here, submit a contract and be ready to choose your apartment starting in January.