Birch-Welch-Roberts Moves to Co-Ed

The past several years, there has been a shortage of spaces for female students. This means that some women are placed in temporary housing until space opens up on a female floor. Then, they have to move. It is not convenient for those students.

Additionally, requests for co-ed buildings exceed requests for single-gender buildings at a rate of 34 to 1.

By having Birch-Welch-Roberts designated as a male-only community, we can’t currently put females in the buildings. Additionally, requests for all-male buildings from incoming students has steadily declined.

For next year, Birch-Welch-Roberts will become co-ed buildings to better balance male/female spaces and meet the requests for co-ed space. This also adds more flexibility in making assignments.

If you’re a current BWR resident, we’d love to have you back! Just follow the selection dates outlined here to renew space in the community for next year.

A fun piece of history? The buildings actually used to be all female!

Gender-inclusive housing expansion

The student demand for gender-inclusive housing is increasing. Currently, gender-inclusive housing is available in part of Freeman Hall. For 2021-22, gender-inclusive housing would be available in all of Freeman Hall.