Home Sweet
Cyclone Home.


Named for Winfred Coover and Mary Lovelace. Coover joined the staff at Iowa State in 1904. He was made Professor and Head of the Chemistry Department at Iowa State in 1913 and served until 1944 when he retired from administrative duties. He continued as professor until his death in 1962. He received the I.S.U. Faculty Citation in 1951 for leadership in his field and for being an inspiration to his students. Lovelace came to Iowa State as an instructor in domestic economy and also served as preceptress and housekeeper from 1870 to 1873.

House Details

Floor # 1
Capacity 44
Room Types Double
Gender Co-Ed
Average Ceiling Height 9’4″
Furnishings There are two rooms per suite that share a common area, double sink and toilet/shower area. Furnished with lofted beds, wardrobe/closet with drawers, dresser, desk with bookshelf and chair, mirror, blinds and a recycle bin.

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