So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 2
Room Types Double
Gender Male
Average Ceiling Height 9’4″
A/C Yes
Furnishings Lofted bed; wardrobe with drawers; desk, desk chair, bookshelf; wastebasket; recycle bin; mirror (full-length); towel bar; shower curtain.

House History

Named for George Jones (1837-1911). Jones was on the first faculty at Iowa State. In addition to being Head of Mathematics and Civil Engineering he had varied administrative duties. He was acting President from December 1868 to March 15, 1869, while President Welch was in Washington, D.C. finishing his term as U.S. Senator from Florida. He was the co-author of a series of text books known as the “O.W.J.” series. He was the uncle of an Iowa State president, R.A. Pearson, who served from 1912 to 1926.