The mission of the Department of Residence is to further the academic mission of the university by providing services and promoting living/learning communities that stimulate, enhance, and extend the total learning experience. Graduate Assistants play a significant role in carrying out the mission of the Department of Residence.

We offer graduate positions in the areas of: Hall Desk Supervisor, Hall Director/Apartment Director, Assessment and Research, and Technology Services.


Graduate Hall Desk Supervisor
  • Supervise, train, and evaluate hall desk staff.
  • Perform administrative tasks such as maintaining current key and building roster, manage maintenance requests and desk inventory, and scheduling for a residence hall desk
  • Discuss with supervisor additional experience in judicial, advising, supervision and departmental committees
Graduate Assistant Hall Director/Apartment Director
  • Supervise, train, and evaluate hall Resident Assistant (RA) staff
  • Develop an inclusive living-learning community that enhances a student-centered environment
  • Areas range from traditional residence halls to apartment communities
  • Complete position descriptions: GA Hall Director / GA Apartment Director
Graduate Assistant in Assessment and Research
  • Administer assessment surveys
  • Evaluate Department and Residence’s programmatic and training goals
  • Management of student success program called MapWorks

For general information about the GA program, please refer to the Graduate College website. For more information about Graduate Student with Assistantship health insurance benefits you can visit the graduate student health insurance program website.


GAs in the DOR Technology Services area provide provide client, systems, and network support for all DOR staff and residential computer labs. Responsibilities include:

  • Respond to staff technology service requests
  • Troubleshoot system and printer problems; assist faculty and students with desktop and server related issues
  • Monitor department systems and respond to issues
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as requested by the system administrators including software installation and compilation
  • Image and install desktop computing systems
  • Develop and maintain departmental database systems
  • Document all changes to the systems
  • Monitor network usage and router interference
  • Monitor labs and stock supplies
  • Ensure compliance with department policies regarding computer usage

Applicants must meet all Graduate College eligibility requirements and must also be pursuing an advanced degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Information Assurance, or Information Systems.

To inquire about the availability of this position, please email