Starting Jan. 18, current Iowa State students can sign a housing contract to live on campus next year. The room selection process will begin Feb. 1 and the deadline to cancel contracts without penalty will be March 1.

Data suggests that students who live on campus their second year are 20% more likely to continue into their third year than students who choose to live off campus.

There are multiple housing options available for second-year students. Second-year students are welcome to live in suites and traditional style residence halls. They are also welcome to live in on-campus apartment communities, such as Frederiksen Court or University Village. Wallace Hall will remain as all single rooms, giving upperclassmen more options for private spaces on-campus.

All housing contracts through the Iowa State University Department of Residence are academic friendly, meaning students are not required to sign for a calendar year, and can be let out of their contract for school-related reasons, like study abroad semesters.

Students who would like to see examples of different communities can now check out what our spaces offer by taking a self-guided tour at any of our 11 tour rooms. The process is simple— go to the hall/community desk for the space you want to tour, sign in and you’ll get a key to the room. Take your time and look around. Return the key when you’re done. Staff will be around to answer any questions you have about the community.

Re-contracting for 2024-25: Timeline

Mark your calendars!

January 18

Housing Contracts for 2024-2025 open for all current Iowa State students

February 1-29

Room Selection Window

  • Feb. 1 – Choose to retain your current room
  • Feb. 6-8 – Pull in preferred roommate (only for those who chose to retain their space)
  • Feb. 13 – Apartment Selection begins
  • Feb. 15 – Residence Hall Selection begins
  • Feb. 29 – Room Selection closes at 11:59 p.m.

March 1

Deadline to cancel your contract without penalty

Any contracts that did not select a space will be cancelled to avoid the penalty

Contracts signed after Mar. 1 will lose their priority and will be assigned a space in June/July after all new to Iowa State students (freshmen/transfers).


The process is simple and can be done online!

  1. Submit your contract for the 2024-25 academic year in the Housing Portal (StarRez)
  2. Decide if you want to stay in your hall, move to a different hall, live in a suite or live in one of our apartments.
  3. Form a roommate group and search leader in StarRez (only one person in a group can search for rooms at a time).
  4. Take your pick of rooms!
  5. You can cancel your contract without penalty if you cancel before March 1, 2024.