The Living Learning Leading (LLL) Model was developed to help us achieve our primary residence life mission: to support and increase student engagement in the university community, which will lead to increased persistence and higher graduation rates. Together, staff and students develop strategies to help students achieve the outcomes identified below.

Academic Skills: Students will develop the academic skills and abilities to succeed at Iowa State University.

Personal Skills: Students will be aware of the resources and strategies that will further their sense of identity, self-esteem, confidence, emotional and physical well being, and integrity.

Understanding and Appreciation of Human Differences: Students will recognize that their community is comprised of diverse individuals and that their experience is enhanced by civilly engaging and considering multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

Leadership Skills: Students will practice sound leadership principles as they exercise leadership in their campus and community.

Civic and Community Responsibility: Students will develop the skills to be responsible for their community (residential, local, and global).