So much more
than a floor.

House Details

Floor # 1
Capacity 36
Room Types Single, Double
Gender Male
Average Ceiling Height 9’8″
Furnishings Lofted bed; desk with bookshelf and desk chair; built-in closet; three-drawer dresser; waste basket; recycle bin; mirror; towel bar; blinds.
More Details Fulmer House has a den with couches and chairs for you and your friends to hang out and talk, play a game of cards, or just relax. Each house’s bathroom has individual shower stalls that have a place for changing. A water bottle refill station promotes the Department of Residence’s green initiatives.

House History

A professor in chemistry Ellis Fulmer was well known for his research in colloid chemistry, a major contributor to the field of fermentation chemistry and the physiology and metabolism of micro-organisms, principally yeast. He gave constructive aid in helping the University Library staff to establish book collections in chemistry.