Martin Hall is located on the southwest side of campus, north of Lincoln Way. Rooms are air-conditioned and there is passenger elevator access in this low-rise building. Note that the second digit of the room number indicates the building floor level (for example, 2402 is on the 4th floor). The rooms are suite-style rooms with the majority of rooms consisting of two bedrooms and a bathroom with the sink located in the common entry foyer within the suite. A few 4th floor rooms have a third bedroom and a second bathroom located within the suite on an upper level (the 5th floor). This upper level is accessible via a stairway within the suite.

Martin Hall beds are lofted, which means that every bed will be raised high enough for a desk with bookshelves to be placed underneath and the bed ends (or sometimes an additional piece) serve as a ladder. Each year the status of the furniture could be different. If you do not already know whether or not the building will have its furniture de-lofted, please inquire with Conference Services staff.

Martin Floorplans

  • 1st Floor 2131-2158
  • 2nd Floor 2202-2258
  • 3rd Floor 2302-2358
  • 4th Floor 2402-2458