Buchanan Hall is located just south of Lincoln Way and the Memorial Union. Rooms are air-conditioned and there is passenger elevator access in this high-rise building. The rooms are suite-style rooms. Approximately half of the suites have two double-occupancy bedrooms with a shared bathroom between them. The remaining half of the suites have two single-occupancy bedrooms with a shared bathroom between them. Each bedroom has their own entry door but can access the other bedroom within that suite through the shared bathroom. When assigning rooms, be aware of the gender of the individuals that will be sharing a bathroom.

Buchanan Hall beds are lofted, which means that every bed is raised high enough for a desk with bookshelves to be placed underneath and the bed ends (or sometimes an additional piece) serve as a ladder.

In Buchanan Hall, the first digit of the room number indicates the floor level (for example, 3025 is on the 3rd floor). Rooms paired together as suites are not numbered consecutively – you must look at the roster and map to make sure you are pairing the correct rooms.

Buchanan Floorplans