Geoffroy Hall is located just south of Lincoln Way and the Memorial Union. Rooms are air-conditioned and there is passenger elevator access in this high-rise building. Group bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor with private shower stalls and clean surroundings. Each restroom has a wheelchair-accessible toilet stall and shower.

Geoffroy Hall beds are loftable, which means that every bed may be raised high enough for a desk with bookshelves to be placed underneath and the bed ends (or sometimes an additional piece) serve as a ladder. Each year the status of the furniture could vary by floor, depending on groups with special needs. If you do not already know whether or not the floor you occupy will have its furniture de-lofted, please inquire with Conference Services staff.

In Geoffroy Hall, the ground floor is the walk-in level and guest rooms are above. When using the elevator, push the button matching the first number of the room.

Geoffroy Floorplans