COVID-19 Resources

  • Iowa State Resources: Comprehensive campus resources and information can be found here.
  • Vaccines: COVID-19 vaccination information can be found here.
  • Health Center: Thielen Student Health Center information can be found here.
  • Medical Emergencies: Always call 911.


The CDC recently changed quarantine guidance to recommend instead of quarantining if exposed, to wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and consider getting tested on day 5. We recommend our students follow this guidance.

COVID-19 Testing

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please click here to see testing options available to you. In the meantime, we recommend wearing a mask and social distancing from others.

I Tested positive. Do I need to isolation housing?

  • Students living in residence halls are encouraged to isolate/quarantine at home, if possible. In most situations students living in on-campus housing will isolate in place. If you are not able to isolate in place and are high risk, limited space is available for situations involving specific contagious illnesses. These decisions will be directed by Thielen Student Health Center.
  • Students who live off-campus or in campus apartments will be responsible for their own isolation/quarantine living arrangements.

ISU DIning Recovery Meal Process

Students who are ill should consider acquiring a meal at either the UDCC or Conversations GET & GO locations and return to their room or apartment to lessen the spread of infectious disease. GET & GO uses a dining center swipe and is a portable, low contact meal option. Students can also order a Flex Meal at any retail location to take back to their room or apartment.

When picking up a meal from GET & GO or a retail location, students should wash their hands prior to arriving and wear the necessary face covering. When these options are not available, students can utilize the dining centers during off-peak hours while wearing a face covering, sanitizing their hands before entering, and keeping a safe distance from others while seated.

Students who are sick and cannot leave their room or apartment can order a recovery meal. In the instance where a student is not able to source a portable meal option on their own, recovery meals are available at the dining centers.

To order a recovery meal, the ill student should email the closest dining center prior to their desired pick up time.  The email should include the student’s name, phone number, student ID number, any dietary restrictions,  time the meal will be picked up, and who (friend or roommate) will pick up the recovery meal. The friend or roommate of the ill student will go to the dining center at the specified time and let the greeter know they are there to pick up a recovery meal. 

After ordering a recovery meal, the facility manager will deduct meals from the student’s meal plan balance for the cost of the meal(s).  If the student has exhausted all of their meals, the student will be charged for the meal.  The facility manager will then compile meal items according to dietary requirements.

ISU Dining provides recovery meals to satisfy the needs of its customers and to minimize the risk of spreading illness.  Students with highly contagious symptoms should not enter dining facilities without proper face coverings.