Use Move In Crew

Our Move-In Crew are certified rockstars! Kidding – but if there was a certification for being awesome, they’d have it.

They are a group of hundreds of student, faculty and staff volunteers that work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Tuesday and Wednesday of new student move in (Aug. 16 and 17 for Fall 2022). You don’t have to sign up to use their services – just show up, and they’ll help you out! No tipping is allowed (but they appreciate thank yous!).

They’re here to:

  • Welcome you
  • Help carry belongings
  • Answer questions
  • Open doors
  • Provide directions

Join Move In Crew

Thank you for considering to be part of the Move-In Crew! Your help welcoming new students creates an amazing experience. You get:

  • A $20 gift card of your choice (an additional $20 for those who choose to be a Move-In Crew Lead!)
  • To meet and help the families of your fellow Cyclones!
  • A fun t-shirt!
  • To move-in to your Cyclone Home early at no charge! You can begin moving in at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13.

To be part of Move In Crew, you must:

  • Complete a mandatory online training. You will receive an email in Mid-August with the link.
    • The training is approximately 30 minutes and must be completed by a specific date that is to be determined.
  • Work a total of two, four-hour shifts. One shift will be on Tuesday, Aug. 16, and the other will be on Wednesday, Aug. 17.

If you don’t complete the mandatory training and/or work your two, four-hour shifts, you will be charged Early Arrival fees.

We’re also looking for Move In Crew Leads. Anyone can be a lead, even if it’s your first time! But, priority is given to previous Move-In Crew leads first, followed by previous Move-In Crew participants. Leads work one full day of move in and have the following responsibilities:

  • Check-in and out move in crew members at area check points
  • Monitor the flow of volunteers and directs volunteers where appropriate
  • Makes sure all check-in materials are returned at the end of the day
  • Manage the radio and communicate with DoR staff members

To be part of Move In Crew, please carefully read the below Volunteer Service Agreement and Emergency Treatment Release forms. Then complete the registration form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about being a part of the Move-In Crew, please contact

Iowa State University Department of Residence 2022 MOVE-IN VOLUNTEER SERVICE AGREEMENT

We are pleased that you have decided to volunteer your services to Iowa State University Department of Residence (“ISU”) to assist with 2022 Move-In. Please accept our sincere thanks for your contribution to Iowa State University.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. It affects any rights you may have if you are injured or otherwise suffer damages while volunteering for the ISU Department of Residence to assist with 2022 Move-In on Dates to be determined.

Volunteer Scope of Service: Volunteers at the ISU supervisors request may welcome students and families; carry boxes, furniture, and other student belongings; answer questions; open doors; provide directions; direct traffic and parking; drive motorized vehicles if authorized by Office of Risk Management (club car, golf cart, and other UTV type vehicles); and other duties as directed by Department of Residence or Iowa State University staff.

Volunteer Service Arrangements:

  1. ISU volunteers are provided a scope of service for each volunteer opportunity. I will only volunteer for activities within my ability and skill level. I understand that this Volunteer Service Agreement applies to all ISU volunteer opportunities in which I participate.
  2. An ISU employee may not volunteer to perform services for the university that are identical or similar to his/her duties as an employee.
  3. An individual younger than fifteen years of age must be accompanied and supervised by his/her parent or guardian when serving as an ISU volunteer.
  4. An individual younger than eighteen years of age must have the permission of his/her parent or guardian to become an ISU volunteer.
  5. An individual who is a foreign national must provide proof of proper visa or other legal authorization permitting him/her to volunteer at the university.
  6. An individual who has been convicted of child abuse, sexual abuse or any other criminal offense for which he/she must register with the National Sex Offender Registry cannot participate as an ISU volunteer in any program involving contact with vulnerable populations, including children under the age of eighteen. These types of offenses may prohibit individuals from being eligible to serve in a volunteer capacity for Iowa State University.
  7. An ISU volunteer is not an ISU employee while performing volunteer services, nor is the volunteer paid a salary or wage for participation in volunteer activities.
  8. ISU volunteers are not entitled to employee benefits, including accident or medical insurance, nor covered by Workers’ Compensation as a result of participation as a University volunteer. I must have my own health insurance and will bear all financial responsibility for any medical treatment arising from my volunteer activities, unless my injury is due to ISU’s negligence.
  9. ISU volunteers have no authority to enter into a contract or make a financial commitment on behalf of the University.
  10. ISU volunteers are provided personal liability protection by the Iowa Tort Claims Act, Iowa Code Chapter 669, and the Federal Volunteer Protection Act, 42 United States Code Chapter 139 while acting within the scope of their volunteer duties and responsibilities. The State will defend, indemnify, and hold volunteers for the University harmless against a tort claim caused by an act or omission of the volunteer unless the act or omission of the volunteer involved intentional or criminal misconduct, a knowing violation of the law, or a transaction from which the volunteer derives an improper personal benefit.
  11. ISU volunteers must abide by ISU policies and procedures as well as local, state and national laws at all times. I will assist in making the volunteer opportunity a safe experience through my appropriate behavior and conduct and by following all instructions of the ISU supervisor.
  12. ISU shall have the right to release a volunteer for any reason and without prior notice.

Emergency Treatment Release and Information

If an injury or other medical condition arises, I HEREBY GIVE PERMISSION to the ISU representative to provide routine first aid and to seek emergency treatment including X-rays or routine tests.

In an emergency situation, I give permission for an ISU representative to contact the individual(s) that I have listed under Emergency Contact Information.

In the event of an emergency where I cannot decide for myself, I give permission to the physician/hospital selected by the ISU representative to secure and administer treatment for me, including hospitalization.

SIGN UP Today!

Thanks for your interest in being part of Move-In Crew! Just click on the link below and sign up – we’ll see you in August!

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