Are you and a friend looking to room together? Maybe you want to be next to your favorite dining center? We can (possibly) help you out! The room change process is simple:

Your request will be reviewed and you’ll get a confirmation email once your room change request has been approved. (Note: You should receive an email from the Department of Residence within a few hours. Large number of students in the system may slow down the process).

Once you get an email confirmation from the Department of Residence you can begin moving to your new spot after 12 noon the following day. (Note: If your confirmation email comes after midnight, you cannot move until after 12 noon the following day).

Confirmation emails will also go to your new and current Hall Director alerting them to the move.

You may also try the Room Swap Tool to find a new space. Learn how to use that tool with this tutorial. . (Note: If you have a room swap request pending, the system will not let you search for an open room through the room change process).

If you have questions or problems? Contact 515-294-2900 or email