For safety reasons, windows may not be obstructed.

Screens must be left on windows, and there must be a screen covering all open windows. You may not lean or reach out of windows where screens are not in place.

Windows must be closed when you leave during breaks.

You are prohibited from:

  • Standing on, sitting on, or leaning over window ledges and balconies.
  • Entering or exiting a building through a window or balcony.
  • Using window ledges or balconies as storage.
  • Throwing items out of windows or off balconies.
  • Removing stops that limit the window opening size. This is required by code for safety reasons.

You will be held liable for property damage and personal injury resulting from items being thrown/falling from windows, ledges or balconies.

You are not permitted to access the roof of any residential building at any time.