The following items are prohibited in all residence room/apartments:

Air Conditioners

  • You are permitted to use a freestanding, evaporation type, room cooler if the unit does not require ventilation to the outdoors and does not draw more than 3.5 amps

Allergen House

  • Residents, guests, and visitors to Coov-Lace House (Allergen restricted location) are prohibited from bringing specific items into Coov-Lace House. The specific items prohibited may be viewed on the Coov-Lace House webpage. Individuals found responsible for bringing prohibited items into Coov-Lace may be removed from the community and/or assessed another appropriate sanction depending upon the severity of the violation, the number of violations, and/or intent.

Candles, Open Flames, and Incense – For safety reasons, candles with wicks and other open flame devices and incense are not permitted. Wickless candles/warmers are permitted.

  • Students may observe holidays or special celebrations with the use of candles/incense by making arrangements with the Hall Director/Apartment Director. The use of the candles/incense will be in a designated location and time as part of the approved observance.

Cooking Appliances

  • The following cooking appliances may be stored in residence hall rooms and apartments, but their use is restricted to apartment kitchens and resident hall kitchenettes. This includes but is not limited to electric grills, waffle irons, griddles, pizza ovens, toaster ovens, hot plates, all-in-one breakfast makers, air fryers, rice cookers, electric wok/skillets, and hot oil popcorn poppers.
  • Deep fat fryers are prohibited in the residence halls, but may be used in apartment kitchens. Used fryer oil must be properly disposed of. Pouring oil or grease down the drain is prohibited.
  • Cooking appliances shall NOT be stored in the residence hall kitchenettes. The Department of Residence assumes no responsibility and no liability for items stored or left in residence hall kitchenettes or other public areas.
  • Coffee makers, Keurig-type (single-serve) coffee pots, electric water kettles, espresso machines, toasters, microwaves, crockpots (4 qt or less), and pressure cookers (4 qt. or less) can be used in residence hall rooms.

Cut trees (e.g. Christmas trees)

Electrical Cords

  • Power strips with surge protectors should be used in rooms/apartments. If your electrical use within a room/apartment causes electrical malfunctions, you may be asked to rearrange or remove items.
  • Electrical surge protectors may be used for computers, related equipment, facsimile machines, photocopiers, electronic scanning machines, and other consumer electronic devices such as DVD players, televisions, cell phone chargers, alarm clocks, and stereo equipment provided the electrical surge protector is a UL listed product.
  • Examples of devices prohibited from use with a surge protector are lamps, fans, large battery chargers, and motor-driven appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, pop machines, compressors, and microwave ovens.
  • Electrical surge protectors must include voltage surge protection, a lighted on/off switch, a 15-amp circuit breaker protection, and a minimum 14-gauge power cord with ground.
  • Electrical cords cannot be run outside of a room/apartment. Use of exterior outlets are not permitted.

Empty and/or filled kegs

Flammable/toxic fluids, chemicals, or gases


  • In the apartment areas, gas grills, charcoal grills, and smokers are permitted on patios only. These items are prohibited within the apartment, on the balconies, and in garages.

Halogen torchiere lamps

Hot tubs

Light fixtures, ceiling fans, or other electrical appliances may not be hung/installed on ceilings or walls

Outdoor Furnishings

  • Only outdoor equipment/furniture that is weather-resistant and commonly sold as lawn/patio furniture may be used on balconies/patios.
  • Resident-owned swing sets are not allowed.
  • You are responsible for keeping the yard areas free of garden hoses, children’s toys, wading pools, and other items that would interfere with the upkeep or mowing of lawns. The DOR is not responsible for items damaged by mowing or snow removal

Painting, Wall Papering, and Decals

  • Wall papering or painting of walls/ceilings are prohibited in any room/apartment.
  • Wall murals are not permitted in and rooms/apartments.

Personal space heaters


  • Any wolf-mix dog is considered a wolf and is therefore prohibited as a non-domestic animal. See the Animal section for more information on pet owner’s responsibilities.

Satellite dishes and antennas

Smoke and fog machines

Sun lamps

Traffic/street signs (without proof of purchase)

Use of dry ice

Drones: Use of drones on campus is prohibited unless pre-approved through Facilities Planning and Management

Wall-mount televisions



  • Anyone who uses, threatens to use, or is found in possession of a weapon or potential weapon may be removed from on-campus housing immediately. This removal could be temporary, or may result in a permanent cancellation of your contract, depending on the severity of the situation and the outcome of an administrative investigation and/or conduct hearing.
  • Weapons include any pistol, revolver, shotgun, machine gun, rifle or other firearm, BB or pellet gun, electrical projectile, bomb, grenade, mine or other explosive or incendiary device, ammunition, archery equipment, dagger, stiletto, switchblade knife, or knife having a blade exceeding five inches in length. Residents of university housing may possess knives having a blade exceeding five inches for cooking purposes.
  • A “weapon” also means an object that is not an instrument capable of inflicting death or injury but closely resembles such an instrument (for example, a realistic toy, replica, imitation weapon or look-a-like gun that is reasonably capable of being mistaken for a real weapon) or the student used the object in a manner that created the impression that the object was such an instrument (for example, wrapping a hand in a towel to create the appearance of a gun). Nerf guns and other foam dart guns are not allowed on DOR premises.