Tampering with alarms or fire equipment is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removing of batteries from smoke alarms/detectors
  • Removing detectors
  • Covering smoke alarms/detectors
  • Removing glass box hammers
  • Removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location
  • Discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire
  • Activating an alarm absent an emergency situation
  • Tampering with fire doors or Knox boxes (small boxes attached to the exterior of the buildings)
  • Removing and/or damaging an emergency exit sign

Students shall not attach any item to a fire suppression device or system (e.g., sprinkler system) at any time for any reason. Sprinkler heads and piping shall be free and clear at all times from items such as lights, fans, clothing, posters, towels, and other obstructing objects. Students shall not, at any time, attempt to modify or obstruct the function of the sprinkler system by any means.

Should a sprinkler be set off due to any of the prohibited activity discussed above, the resident will be responsible for all costs, including damages, repair, or replacements, associated with the incident.

Covering burners and vents on the gas stoves in Schilletter-University Village is prohibited for fire and safety reasons.

Everyone must evacuate the building immediately when a fire alarm sounds. Follow posted procedures for fire evacuation. You may reenter the building only when fire department staff permits you. You are expected to participate in fire drills to familiarize yourself with building evacuation procedures. Elevators shall not be used during emergency evacuation or drills. If you need assistance to evacuate, indicate this during housing registration, and in an emergency, contact emergency services at 911.

For safety reasons, hallways/corridors, windows, and doorways may not be obstructed. Storage of anything in the corridors is strictly prohibited. Personal door/welcome mats are prohibited.

Corridor hallways and stairways shall remain continuously illuminated for safe egress. Removal of lightbulbs or otherwise obscuring corridor lighting is prohibited.

Violations of this policy may lead to immediate removal from the residence facilities and cancellation of the housing contract.