Whether it’s a tool to build your loft, a movie to watch with friends, or a cleaning bucket to tidy up your room, your Residence Hall Desk has what you need! Each Hall Desk maintains its own unique inventory of items, purchased with resident input over the years. To find out what your Hall Desk has simply stop by and ask. Items are free for residents to use!

How can I borrow an item?

Visit your Hall Desk during open hours and ask for the item you want to borrow. If it is available, the Hall Desk staff will ask to see your ISU ID and will check the item out to you.

  • You can check out up to two games or movies at a time.
  • All items can be checked out for up to two days.
    • Except during move-in/out, Dead Week, and Finals Week. During this time only tools, carts, and cleaning supplies may be checked out and only for two hour intervals.
  • On or before the end of your two days, simply return the item to the Hall Desk!

What happens if I lose / break / don’t return an item?

  • On the date your item is due to be returned, the Hall Desk will send a reminder email to your ISU account.
  • Two days later, if you still haven’t returned your item, the Hall Desk will send you a follow up email letting you know that you will be billed for the replacement of the item the next business day.
    • If you still have the item, you can return it immediately (the same day) to avoid being billed.
    • If you have lost / broken the item, you can purchase a comparable replacement and give it to the Hall Desk before the billing date.
  • If you do not return / replace the item, you will be charged, via your UBill, as indicated below.
    • Once you have been billed there are no refunds – the original item is yours to keep.
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced categories are based on averages of actual item purchase / replacement cost.
    • With the exception of carts, Items valued at over $50 will be billed at actual replacement cost.

Average Replacement Cost if an Item is Lost

Item Average Replacement Cost
DVD $20
BluRay $30
TV Season $40
Video Game $40
Basic Board Game $20
Advanced Board Game $30
Basic Tools and Sports Equipment $10
Intermediate Tools and Sports Equipment


Advanced Tools and Sports Equipment


Basic Cart


Advanced Cart


Facilities Cart