Campus Departments or registered student organizations wishing to collect and/or distribute items through the Department of Residence area desks need to review this policy and complete the Collection and Distribution Policy Request Form for Residence Halls.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any request for any reason. The decision will be based on this form, staff availability, and space availability.

We will not:

  • Collect any money at the hall desks for your group.
  • Assume liability for any lost or damaged items.
  • Distribute any highly perishable items such as produce or baked goods.
  • Distribute any items through mailboxes unless the items are specifically addressed for the recipient(s) and sorted by building in room number order.
  • Accept requests from outside groups (ISU campus departments and registered student organizations only).


  1. Submit the completed form at least 10 class days before your intent to distribute/collect items. Only one form is required, regardless of the number of desks involved in your request. Forms should be one of the following ways:
    • Office: 1203 Friley
    • E-mail:
    • Fax: 515-294-1417
  2. The Area Desk Advisory Group (representatives of all area desks) will review requests.
  3. The contact person listed on the form will receive a response from the Chairperson of the Hall Desk Advisory Group within 10 class days of submission. Further information may be exchanged at that time pertaining to the specific request.

Tips for making this process successful for your organization and the Area desks:

  • Gather and provide as many details as possible prior to submitting the form.
  • Make arrangements in advance to deliver or pick-up items on the dates provided on the form.
  • Provide specific details if necessary to ensure effective collection or distribution.
  • If you are requesting multiple delivery dates through request, limit deliveries to specific outlined dates in your request.
  • If documents will be distributed, provide a sufficient quantity of documents in advance. (We will not make additional copies.)
  • If you are promoting an activity/event, consider alternate methods of promotion. Review the Advertising Policy for suggestions