Your personal safety and the protection of your possessions require a joint effort between you and the University. Any conduct that jeopardizes the safety of residents or staff is prohibited. Violations include but are not limited to tampering with locks and security cameras, disabling any lock or door; propping open doors that are to be locked and/or closed; exiting through doors marked “emergency exit only”; activating emergency alarms in elevators; jamming a door to prevent it from opening or closing; tying doors shut; taping open locks or altering, loaning, or duplicating University keys/access cards (section I.P.).

Residents are encouraged to keep their doors locked.

Any situation that you believe is unsafe, i.e. any security or safety hazards, should be reported to a Resident Assistant(RA), Hall Director (HD), or Apartment Director (AD) as soon as possible. For safety reasons, windows and doorways may not be obstructed, and additional locks and door chains may not be installed without the express approval and installation of DOR staff.

Any student who is concerned about a risk or threat of safety for themselves or others, or who has concerns about property damage, security risk, or significant disruption, should contact their AD, HD, or RA. If the matter is urgent, call Iowa State University Police.

To enhance safety and security efforts within DOR facilities, security video cameras may be placed in a hall, lobby, or other public area. These cameras are typically in set locations. However, if there is a concern for property damage or personal security, cameras may also be temporarily placed to monitor an area. These cameras are not continuously monitored but are intended to be used in investigations of alleged policy violations.

  • To ensure personal privacy, no cameras may be placed in restrooms or resident rooms.