Only Department of Residence staff and hall/house council representatives are permitted to hang flyers/posters in the residence halls and on-campus apartments. Hall Desks will accept flyers and posters from registered ISU student organizations through the Student Activities approval /distribution process.

You are not permitted to:

  • post flyers or advertisements on doors, windows, poles, bulletin boards, or leave them around DOR halls;
  • go door-to-door in the residence halls;
  • locate student staff or hall/house council members in their rooms and give them flyers to post/distribute;
  • use staff mailboxes to distribute information;
  • without permission, attend house meetings to promote groups or events.

Advertisements distributed or posted in violation of this policy may be removed with the cost of removal charged to the responsible individual or organization. Questions? Call the Residence Life Office at (515) 294-6428.

Hall Council – Each hall has a council that meets regularly. You can contact the Hall Councils and ask to speak at their weekly meetings. These councils are made up of representatives from each house in the hall. A list of Hall Council meetings and contact information is available at the Residence Life Office – 1203 Friley Hall.

IRHA – The Inter-Residence Hall Association has a weekly meeting and is made up of representatives from each hall. You can contact the IRHA Vice-President in order to get on the agenda. Contact information, as well as meeting dates, times, and locations, can be found at

Updated January 2020