The easiest way to get ahead

Life on campus is built around your success at Iowa State. You came here to graduate, right? Sure, you’ll have fun along the way, meet amazing people and have life-changing experiences – but graduation is the ultimate goal.

Students who live with us earn higher GPAs than their off-campus peers – and they report having more leisure time! Less commute time, people down the hall to study with and academic programming are all part of successful student living.

Focused on you so you can focus on your studies

Connecting students for study groups, academic programming and being there when things aren’t going quite right are all things your live-in staff is here to help with. We want you to succeed! Our team plans academic programs and is here to connect you with campus resources.

Iowa State’s Academic Success Center on campus is also a great place to check out for tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching and more.

Friends down the hall

A person from your psych class lives down the hall and your chem lab partner is a floor below – it’s connections outside the classroom that makes studying easier! On campus, you live with fellow Iowa State students and it’s easy to find people to study with.

students succeed.

TEST ANXIETY – This is a test. It’s only a test.

Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam. However, it can become an issue when anxiety affects performance. Fear of failure, procrastination, and prior poor performance can all increase test anxiety.

NAME YOUR FEELING: Identifying feelings of anxiety can help lessen the power they have over your overall performance. You can create and implement strategies once you have awareness of your feelings.

USE RATIONAL AND POSITIVE THINKING: Write down your negative thoughts and review them rationally. Determine if these thoughts have any basis in reality. Anxiety can stem from irrational thoughts that persist unchecked.

LEARN YOUR CAUSES AND CURES: Some students find their test anxiety worsens with poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, or social isolation. Learn what can cause your test anxiety and develop strategies to prevent it from developing. 

USE ACADEMIC RESOURCES: Advisers, CAs and the Academic Success Center can provide valuable guidance. ISU staff are knowledgable and they are eager to help you!

Go for the “A”!

It’s beneficial if students attend all course sessions, yet, 43% of first- year first time Cyclones will miss at least one class this semester while 37% will struggle in at least two courses. Most student who face initial challenges eventually manage to improve their grades if they follow a few success steps: 

  • Go to class. Yes, go to class and come to class prepared. You hinder your chance for academic success if you’re continually missing class. 
  • Talk to your instructors during their office hours. Ask them about content and assignments that you have questions about. 
  • Discuss your situation with your instructor if you miss several class sessions, if you miss an exam or oral presentation, or if you are unable to turn in class assignments on time. 
  • Find a study buddy in each class. Contact them to get an update on the session you missed.
  • Don’t give up. Meet with your academic adviser. If you live on-campus, reach out to your community adviser who can help you get connected to study groups. Hire a tutor. Get organized and develop your time-management skills. A low test score doesn’t mean the end of your academic career, it’s probably a sign that you need to make adjustments.
  • Stay the course! Get up and go to your classes, get yourself organized, establish a study routine and stick with it, but most importantly, take ownership over your time and enjoy it as a Cyclone.

Social Connections Count

Eight out of 10 students indicate that connection with others was important to their success. Want to get connected? Try these tips:

  • Connect in your hall or apartment by attending house or government meetings.
  • Talk to your classmates before or after class.
  • Be part of the team by participating in intramurals through Recreation Services.

Homesick? You’re not alone!

It’s normal to miss what’s most familiar to us. In fact, half of students feel homesick at various points in their university experience. Following these tips can make Iowa State feel more like home:

  • Get connected and meet new people.
  • Invite others to try something new – check out campus, try a new restaurant or visit a new place in Ames just for fun.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of your new environment. Whether that’s friends, interesting classes or a new leadership position, good things are possible every day!
  • Stay in touch with friends and family by chatting with them now and then.